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London College of Fashion gave General Project, the incredible manufacturers of Med Contour, the opportunity to come and speak to their students about our machines, our mission and our 20 years spent in the aesthetic and beauty Industry!

Naturally it turned out to be a successful day which began with an introduction to the industry. We then moved onto how General Project contributes to the growth of clinics, spas and salons and the results that their machines are producing worldwide.


Using the information garnered from the extensive clinical trials, we spoke about the medical research that has been conducted in the effectiveness of these machines. A key example was the Med Contour treatment and the incredible results this ultrasound cavitation machine can achieve within a single hour.

The students grasped the information very quickly, especially during our live demonstrations, and many questions were asked. A few students, usually those with existing experience in the industry, wanted to know more about our training programmes and the extensive ongoing support we offer to clinics, spa’s and salons.

We ended our excellent three hour session with a Q & A session and reiterated the importance of education, medical clearance and approvals that these types of machines need to have in order to provide trust and safety for all customers.

We felt proud to have been asked to make this contribution and we will always strive to make ourselves available for educational purposes.








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