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Ultracavitation Treatment - Dr. Carlos Fajardo Urdiales

Dr. Carlos Fajardo Urdiales carried out a study in Spain using the Med Contour to evaluate the effectiveness of the Ultra Cavitation treatment with Med Contour system. The study was carried out on 11 patients with some fascinating results.

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General Project Analysis 

Here is an analysis of 11 studies carried out brought together by General Project. 11 sites contributing data, they compiled the usage of 145 patients, 517 treatments, 1944 individual uses of ultrasound and zonal massage to see what results these candidates were getting.

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Human Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue

Here is an investigation carried out by Professor Daniele Bani in Florence to evaluate and quantify the histological and ultra structural changes induced on the different cell components of human subcutaneous adipose  tissue induced by ultrasound cavitation on full-thickness skin samples taken at surgery.

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The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery

This study looks at the Clinical Effects of Noninvasive Ultrasound Therapy for Circumferential Reduction, Med Contour known as Vaser Shape in the US. Two hundred and four patients were treated in 741 treatment sessions at 12 centers in the United States beginning in June 2010. When measured immediately after treatment, the patients experienced a circumferential reduction which continued over the course of treatments

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Circumferential Fat reduction - Michael Kaminer

Here is a study carried out by Michael Kaminer M.D to determine whether there  was a Circumferential Fat reduction with non-invasive external Ultrasound  treatment with no adverse effects.

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