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The results achieved by the Med-Contour treatment are undeniable. You can see from the photos all across the site where people have achieved fantastic results by getting the treatment. Some of these results are after only one session!

TOP TIP! If you keep well hydrated for the 24 hours immediately following your treatment, it’s possible to see even more improved results.

The results you can expect to see after your Med-Contour treatment are:

-       Instant – you really can see the results immediately after your first treatment and after you progress into your course, the difference will be significant.

-       Long-lasting – because of the effect Med Contour has on the fat cells the result is not just a temporary result. You really will continue to see the difference in the long term.

-       Pain free – Really! While the treatment will make your skin feel warmer it won’t cause any pain or burning. The feeling has been likened to a hot rocks massage, so if you’re familiar with that relaxation therapy, you can imagine what to expect.

TOP TIP! If you maintain a healthy lifestyle after your treatment, you can expect to retain the benefits of your contouring for years to come.

Something we hear people asking a lot is ‘where’s the catch?’ but here’s the truth – there is no catch. The Med-Contour treatment really does produce these top results – we aren’t The Mail’s Number One Flab Zapper for nothing! If you still need convincing, take a look at these photos – each one speaks a thousand words to prove the treatment works fantastically.

'Results are stunning, I have never seen another machine do quite what Med Contour has done for me, I truly believed I couldn't get rid of my cellulite as I had tried every remedy under the sun! Now I feel confident on holiday or simply when I wear my shorts!'


'MED CONTOUR is AMAZING! Not only does it tone and firm the areas that my gym routine cannot, but by eliminating harmful toxins it makes you feel wonderful; bright-eyed, clear skinned and energised.'

Carol Harrison – British Actress & Writer

'I just felt I should write to say that I have been delighted with the results of the Med Contour treatments I have had. They have made a significant difference not only to the way I look but to the way I now view myself.

I know that alone it probably makes a big difference but by tweaking the diet and exercise it is even more effective. I have recommended it to all my friends!

Thank you for offering such a friendly service through your very helpful staff.






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